Looking For Trusted Window Installers Serving Grand Rapids, MI & All Nearby Cities? Contact Montell Construction

Window Installers Grand Rapids MIWhen deciding on window installers serving the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area, choose a company that can offer you personalized service and products you can’t find anywhere else. At Montell Construction, we treat all our clients like family, which is why you’ll feel like you’re receiving special treatment from each of our courteous, well-versed staff as well as exclusive windows that other window installers can’t match. After you contact us to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate, it’s not a representative or salesperson who will be paying a visit to your Grand Rapids, MI, home, it’s one of our owners. This consultation involves discussing your needs, inspecting and diagnosing your windows’ problems, and walking through possible solutions. As your window installers, we can also offer you exclusive, factory-direct windows from our Vista Window Pure Collection. These unique windows have the highest energy efficiency distinction with an R-10 rating, require minimal maintenance, and are extremely strong. They:

  • Limit heat transfer, possibly lessening the energy your HVAC system uses to keep your home at an ideal temperature, which can lead to lower utility bills
  • Feature a coating that reduces the need to clean the glass and are made of low-maintenance, 100 percent virgin vinyl
  • Have fusion-welded frames, which are very durable against wear and tear over time

Once installation begins, you’ll never feel overwhelmed by the project taking place in your home. From our owners to our window installers, and everyone who will take care of you in between, you’ll have complete confidence in our dedication to minimizing the stress and time that you may associate with a window installation project. Contact Montell Construction, one of the most reputable window installers serving the Grand Rapids, MI, area, to meet with one of our owners for a free estimate.