Roofing Contractor

Most people that look to complete a roofing project – want it to be the last roof installed on the house. That hope can sometimes be difficult if the roof is done incorrectly and/or other areas of concern are not addressed. On this page you will find helpful information about what to look for on your home, what areas cause roofing systems to fail and what makes us a top rated greater Grand Rapids Roofing Contractor. We do offer Free Roofing Estimates in which one of our representatives will show up on time, review your current roofing concerns, answer any questions that you may have and provide you with a written estimate!

The Life Of A Roof

When you consider what your roof must endure over the course of its life span, you can’t help but be in awe. The intense heat from the sun can raise the rooftop surface by 55 to 80 degrees over the ambient temperature. Furthermore, the sun is also a source of ultraviolet radiation that can degrade and accelerate the detereoration process of your roof. We must also take into consideration other factors such as – moisture, pollution, extreme weather. Think about your roofing system next time you are enjoying a sunny 80 degree day (130 degree rooftop temperature) and a sever thunderstorm comes rolling through with heavy rain and a 30 degree temperature drop. These situations can create havoc for your roof and you should know what to look for so you know when to replace your roof.

Failing Roof Signs

By now you may be saying, “how do I know if my roof is bad?” We will address some of the quick things for you to look at with your roof, but know that we can do this for you. Montell Construction is dedicated to inspecting your roof and providing you with the roofing details you need!

  • Curling – Roofing shingles tend to harden over a period of time which means that the granules can no longer hold to the Asphalt which acts as protection for the shingle. Once your granules begin to fall off (check your gutter downspouts or around the drip line of your house) it will leave the Asphalt exposed directly to the suns harmful rays and therefore begin to curl up. This is a serious situation and once curling begins, you will see rapid aging occur.
  • Surface Cracking – While very hard to notice initially, it occurs due to the normal aging process and climatic changes. Remember above when we illustrated the hot summer day and 30 degree weather change – this is what occurs from sudden changes on an older roof.
  • Blisters – Yes, roofing shingles will blister due to extreme heat. They are generally small (size of a pea) and tough to see from ground level, but blistering is a result of heat and may mean that your ventilation¬† may be an area of concerns as well.
  • Staining – When looking at your roof, you may see one or more dark streaks running down the shingles – that is actually Algae Staining. The growth of Algae can speed up the process of your roofing system failing because of its ability to break up and grow in cracked areas.
  • Others – A general overview of the roof. Most people don’t look up at the roof often, but you should at least twice per year. Simply paying attention to your roofing system can often prevent major malfunctions such as leaks, ice damming and extensive and pricey damage.
  • Note – You can also go to our Project Gallery where you will find before pictures of some of our work. Look at those pictures and it should help you understand some of the above bullet points!
This is a before image of a Montell Construction Roofing project. Showing curling shingles.

This is a before image of a Montell Construction Roofing project. Showing severely curled shingles.

Why Montell Construction Roofing?

When we look at your roof – we not only look for the obvious signs outlined above, but we also look for other issues that might be causing your roof to fail and/or raising your expenses such as heating and cooling cost. Our representatives are highly trained and certified to provide you with the options and understanding needed for you to make a sound decision. Recognized as a Top Rated Roofing Contractor covering all of West Michigan, our team is second to none. You can take advantage of our Free Roofing Estimates become part of the thousands of satisfied customers!