Questions to Ask the Roofing Companies You Talk to In Wyoming, MI & the Surrounding Areas

Roofing Companies Wyoming MIProbably one of the hardest parts about getting a new roof is talking to roofing companies in Wyoming, Michigan, and other nearby areas for estimates. These days, many companies are sales oriented and it can be hard to see past the façade to figure out whether or not the roofer is interested in helping you build the roof you want or just getting your money. Unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee that you’ll end up choosing the best roofing contractor ever, but there are some key questions you can ask the roofing companies you’re talking to in order to figure out whether they are qualified to work on your home.

So, without further ado, here are a few key questions to ask while you’re interviewing roofing companies in the Wyoming, MI, area:

  • What rating have you been given by the Better Business Bureau?
  • Are your roofing installers professionally trained and experienced?
  • Do your installers have experience that’s specific to the material they will be installing on my home (i.e. metal or asphalt)?
  • Do you offer a craftsmanship warranty so I can be sure my investment will be protected?
  • Who are your manufacturers?
  • Is the roofing that you offer protected by a warranty?
  • Are your estimates accurate?

By having prospective roofing companies answer the above questions, you can gain valuable insight into the company itself. To speak with a roofer that will gladly answer all these questions and more, contact Montell Construction. We’re a fully licensed and insured generator contractor that specializes in home exteriors. For more information, contact us today.