What to Look for When Deciding on Replacement Windows for Your Grand Rapids, MI, Home

Replacement Windows Grand Rapids MIYou may have already made the decision to install replacement windows on your home in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area, but need some direction on what kind of models will suit your needs. In terms of durability and energy efficiency, there are a few considerations to keep in mind when in the market for your perfect windows.

If you live in the Grand Rapids, MI, area, it can be important to choose replacement windows that will provide great protection throughout the entire year, no matter the severity of the conditions outside. Harsh weather we see in the region can include destructive hail, torrential rainstorms, and high-speed winds. You can stay protected with windows that will maintain their structural integrity and continue to protect against storms in the long run. Certain durable windows are constructed with 100 percent virgin vinyl and made with fusion-weld technology, so these features can be something you can keep your eye out for.

To have the best of both worlds, strong replacement windows should also enhance your home’s energy efficiency. Features that characterize energy-efficient windows can include krypton or argon gas fills and foam-filled frames. There are some windows offered in the area that have received an R-10 energy rating, which is in fact the highest distinction in the industry.

For durable, energy-efficient replacement windows offered to residents through Grand Rapids, MI, and all nearby cities, turn to the professionals at Montell Construction. Contact us today to learn more about our windows’ resilience against storms and their energy-efficient features that have helped them earn an R-10 rating.