Replacement Windows for Homeowners in East Grand Rapids, MI & Neighboring Areas

Replacement windows East Grand Rapids MIIf you’re looking for replacement windows in East Grand Rapids or another nearby area in Michigan, consider working with Montell Construction. As a local, family-owned business, we feel that we have an obligation to provide our customers with the best products, which is why we had a window designed just for us: The Montell Construction X-Treme Window Series from Vista Windows.

Our replacement windows stand out among the competition for a number of reasons. First of all, they’re conveniently low maintenance thanks to a special coating applied to the glass that reduces the need for cleaning. They’re also extremely durable. With fusion-weld technology, our windows’ frames are seamlessly sealed together, not only augmenting their structural strength, but also making them more resistant to air leakage that would otherwise cause drafts. Also, our replacement windows are highly energy efficient. In fact, they’ve received the highest energy rating in the industry, R-10, making them ideal for homeowners in East Grand Rapids and surrounding areas in MI who are trying to cut back on their energy expenses.

Our windows also feature:

  • A triple-pane offset which is filled with Krypton and Argon gas
  • Duralife spacers
  • Foam-filled frames
  • Pure UVPC aluminum-coated coil stock around the trim
  • Lifetime warranties – even covering breakage

What’s more, when you have your replacement windows installed by Montell Construction, you can be sure of a professional installation. We have factory-trained and -certified employees who are highly knowledgeable and experienced in installing our X-Treme windows flawlessly. We trust so much in our staff’s abilities that we back them with a five-year craftsmanship guarantee.

For more information about our highly energy-efficient replacement windows and professional installation service, contact Montell Construction today. We proudly serve residents of East Grand Rapids and other surrounding locations in MI.