Home Windows Installed in Grand Rapids, MI & Surrounding Areas

Home Windows Grand Rapids MIDid you know that new home windows can help to improve your household energy efficiency? By replacing old, drafty windows with newer, energy-efficient models, you can reduce the amount of heat that transfers into and out of your home in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area. The reduction of heat transfer, in turn, can help keep the interior temperature of your home more stable throughout the year, which will not only take a load off your HVAC system, but also potentially lower your monthly energy bills.

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that not all home windows are created equal in terms of energy efficiency. In order to ensure that your new home windows will help your home maintain an optimal temperature level year-round, it’s important to look for the following qualities:

  • A high R-value – The term “R-value” refers to a window’s resistance to heat conduction. The higher the R-Value, the better the window is at insulating.
  • Multiple panes – Having two or three panes of glass creates a layer (or layers) of still air between the panes, which is a good insulator and will help prevent heat transfer into and out of your home in Grand Rapids, MI.
  • Gas fills – The space between the multiple panes of gas is often filled with gasses like krypton and argon, which are even better insulators than still air.

At Montell Construction, we are proud to be the exclusive dealer of highly energy-efficient home windows that are made just for us by Vista Windows. Called the Montell Construction X-Treme Window Series, our specialty windows offer all of the above-mentioned features plus much more. They also come protected by an exceptional lifetime warranty that even covers breakage.

For more information about the home windows offered by Montell Construction, contact us today. We proudly serve residents of Grand Rapids, MI, and other surrounding communities.