Home Window Replacement for Residents of Grand Rapids, MI & the Surrounding Areas

Home Window Replacement Grand Rapids MIA home window replacement is the perfect opportunity to make your home in Grand Rapids, Michigan, or another nearby community more energy efficient than ever before – and Montell Construction is here to help you along the way. We offer are the exclusive dealer of a specialty line of windows made by Vista Window, the Montell Construction X-Treme Window Series. By reducing the transfer of heat into and out of your home, our windows can make it easier for your heating and air conditioning systems to maintain a consistent interior temperature. This, in turn, can help you cut down on your monthly energy expenses.

Some of the features that the Montell Construction X-Treme Window Series uses to reduce heat transfer include:

  • Triple-pane glass
  • Inert gas fills
  • Super Spacer spacers
  • Foam-filled frames
  • And more

And, not only are our windows extraordinarily good insulators, but they are also very durable and low maintenance. Complete with fusion-welded frames and a special coating that reduces the need for cleaning, our windows are designed to last and look beautiful for the years to come. They’re even offered with a spectacular lifetime warranty to ensure that your investment remains protected.

Of course, when you choose Montell Construction for your home window replacement in Grand Rapids, MI, or another nearby area, you can also be sure that you’ll receive an expert installation. Our windows are installed by professionally trained technicians who are knowledgeable about the best-practice installation techniques recommended by the manufacturer.

For more information about the home window replacement services that we offer to homeowners in Grand Rapids, MI, and surrounding areas, contact Montell Construction today.