The Representative (Chad) met with me and took his time at my house going through all the work and products to be used.  I had gotten two other estimates and was impressed with his knowledge and how thoroughly he covered all the work and products to be used.  There were three different crews completing the work and all of the workers were professional and courteous.  The work was done timely.  There were a few issues with communication between me, the operations manager and the crew , but when I brought it to Chad’s attention he took care of it.  The steps to the deck were not even when they built them and when I brought it to the foreman’s attention (he wasn’t there the day they were put in) he told me he’d already noticed and said it was not acceptable and they were going to do them over.  They tore them out and redid them perfectly.  All the workmanship was excellent….you can tell the crew took pride in their work.  Although their price was the highest of three estimates I received they proved n the end you get what you pay for.

- Pat Russie

To Montell Construction:

I would like to tell you how much we appreciate the job that you did on our house. First of all I want to say that your company (especially Chad McNew and George McNew) were very professional in every manner. The crew that was sent to do our roof was excellent. They told us that they would be done the day that they started. I didn’t believe that they could accomplish this task in a day. They not only tore the roof off, put a new roof on, but had the area around the house cleaned up by 7:00 p.m. that day. I was amazed. We also had new siding put on a small area of the front of our house, our entire garage, and the back walk-out area of our house. This took a couple days of installation. Our house looks very nice as the crew did a fine job.

I was impressed with Montell’s 5 year warranty on workmanship and also impressed by the fact that we have a year to pay with no interest. You can find pictures of our roof job on facebook. I hope Montell also puts before and after pictures of our siding project on facebook. If you would like to ask us for references please call.

Thank You

- Rick and Deb Gretzinger

I just wanted to say Thank You for being such a class act from beginning to end. I along with my family truly appreciate all the time you took in helping us choose new windows. My mother with her health issue’s felt totally comfortable with YOU. I thank you for your patience in helping my mother through this process. I have not had a chance to see the windows yet BUT all reports from my family give the windows Two Thumbs Up

The next time anyone in our family buy windows it will be from Montell Construction!

- The Kelly/Watson Family of Muskegon Height, Michigan

The first thing I noticed about George was that, although he’s one of the company owners, he answers the phone when you call. From my first conversation with him over the phone I was really impressed with him. He has a warm sincere personality, a gentle nature, and a keen sense of humor. He showed up to view review the job and patiently waited while we ate dinner, making measurements and notes, and making a point that we should not rush our dinner. George’s quote came in slighly higher, but within 10% of previous quotes, however, he was much more thorough, the products he offered were better quality, and he gave you that sense of trust that he stands behind what he sells and the work he does. I had heard horror stories about fast talking general contractors with big TV ads that source all their work to fly by night subs, but George’s guys did all this work themselves. He has a job foreman that is on top of all the details and shows up every day, usually more than once, and George himself was out a few times during the project. The workers found a layer of cedar shake under some of our shingles unexpectedly, which apparently take a lot more labor to remove and a special tool. The crew ran to a local hardware to get the tools they hadn’t realized to pack, and work continued without a grumble, and no additional charges were added to our final bill. These folks are fast, the craftsmanship is outstanding, they clean up after themselves, and I could not believe how fast the project was finished! George is extremely conscientious and was very eager to be sure we were completely satisfied before he would accept payment for the job. He speaks very highly of his crews and with good reason. They appreciate him because he appreciates them. He understands the products he sells and won’t handle anything that isn’t proven out or covered by a really great warranty. (He also handles warranty claims directly, no “call the manufacturer” cop outs, plus his family’s been in business for years, and they aren’t going anywhere!)
Since we were so impressed with the work he did last October, we called Montell back to quote a new deck, and new windows and patio door for a 3-season porch. Again, George had wonderful suggestions and quality products to offer. He could not find a stock door to fit our porch, so he had a custom door made and took the additional cost out of his margin. We were overwhelmed when the door showed up at how beautiful it looked! He even asked them to match the old oak of our entry door as closely as possible! Since we have an old farmhouse, the door did not exactly fit squarely into the opening left by the old, rotten door. George has a window and door specialist named Will that is an artist who has honed his craft. He rubbed his chin for a while figuring out how to put a square door into a quadrilateral opening and make it look good. He finished it out with wood and drywall inside and wrapped and finished the outside for a spectacular result! We were amazed, there’s no other way to say it. They are all very, very talented guys.

I would recommend Montell to anyone and everyone I know. I was just telling a colleague of mine that if every business owner was like George, we wouldn’t need a Better Business Bureau! We are still very much in love with our beautiful roof, siding, windows, doors, and deck and don’t regret a single dime spent with Montell Construction!

- The Kaminski Family