Choosing a Door

Choosing a door

When choosing a door a few key futures to look at are security, durability, and beauty.  A door may be a small part of your home but is very important for security. Make sure to consider these key things when choosing a door.


Safety is what the primary focus should be when looking at doors. The lock is the main security feature on doors, but  without a good security plate a good lock is useless. The security plate is the part in which a lock latches into. If this is not strong  it does not matter how strong the door is itself. When it comes to the safety of a family,  corners should not be cut.


The durability of a door is important because if you buy a door today you will want it to have the same great look in 10 years. With people walking in and out all the time doors get scratched, dinged and slammed often. Getting a durable door will save you money in the long run by not having to replace it as often.

Things to look at in door durability are hinges, window trim, lock area, door material and door frame. Make sure hinges are rust resistant and heavy duty. Good window trim can save time and money when it comes to energy efficiency. The window trim will make sure there are no leaks in the door. Remember if the window trim on a door is vinyl and you want to paint it, to get paint made for vinyl. If the wrong paint is used it will warp the vinyl and turn your beautiful door into a mess. When choosing a door material make sure that it is a strong material. Steel and fiberglass doors are most used for entry doors. When looking at a frame for the door wood or steel are the options that most people look at. Steel is the most durable and dependable.


Beauty in a door is what most people look for. The look of a door can make or break a house because this is what most people notice when walking up to the home. There are many different styles from solid to doors with windows. Windows in doors can bring out the beauty of a house by adding designs to the  glass.  Steel doors can also be made to have the wood look but incorporate the safety and durability of steel.

When looking at doors remember to look for safety and durability, but don’t forget that a door is going to be the most seen aspect of a home by visitors. No matter what door is chosen make sure to hire a experienced contractor to do the job. There is nothing worse than having a beautiful door put in your home and having it not be square.

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