Choosing the Right Insulation

Choosing  the Right Insulation

There are a few questions to ask when figuring out which insulation is the best. How much insulation is needed? The accessibility of the location to place insulation? How much space is available where the insulation is to be placed? With these questions answered you will be able to make an educated decision on what kind of insulation will work best for you.

How much insulation is needed?
Insulation is rated with a R value, which is its thermal resistance. The higher the R value the better insulating effectiveness. The R value takes in account thickness, density and type of material. If the space where the insulation is to be placed is narrow, it is best to use a high density insulation to get the high R value in the narrow space. When placing insulation in a place where space is not an issue, most people go with the most cost efficient way to get the R value needed.

Insulation Types

Blankets (Batts or Rolls)  are available in widths that are suited for the spacing between wall studs and attic or floor joists. They are made from Fiberglass or Rock wool. Blankets are used most in attic insulation because it is easily to place where needed and is not as messy as blown in insulation.

Blown-in insulation (loose fill insulation) is great for wall cavities, attic floors, or irregularly shaped areas. Blown-in insulation is made from cellulose, rock wool, or fiberglass in the form of loose fibers. For this type of insulation special equipment is needed to blow in the insulation. When using a blown-in insulation in walls, it is best to make sure that the fibers are mixed with adhesive to keep them from settling.

Since heat rises, it is important to have the proper amount of insulation in the attic. This will help keep the heat in and the energy bills down. Keep in mind that ventilation is also important in helping the home breath and not overheat in the summer time.

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