Why Choose a Metal Roof?

Why Install a Metal Roof?

Metal roofing isn’t just for barns anymore. Many home owners are finding the benefits of a steel roof on their homes. New methods of manufacturing and painting have broadened the choices in styles and colors. Even though it may be more expensive than shingle the lifetime warranty and energy savings, make a steel roof worth every penny.

Metal roofing will out perform conventional asphalt shingles through any weather condition. The highly durable steel comes in different thicknesses to take care of any type of roof. Metal roofing is also more energy efficient then shingle roofing because it reflects the energy from the sun rather than absorbing it. Another advantage is not worrying about curling or streaking.

There are many different choices in styles with steel roofing. Standing seam being the most popular. The sleek look and the easy maintenance make it a lasting and beautiful way to spice up a home. The second most popular is the shingle look. This style allows the home to keep its look with the benefits of having a metal roof.  Make sure that the roofing system has the hidden fastener system. This not only makes the roof look better by not having the screws showing, it make the roof last longer because the screws will not rust and leave streaks on the roof.

Always remember that with any home improvement project to verify that the contractor is  fully licensed and insured.

As the leading Grand Rapids Metal Roofing contractor, Montell Construction takes a great deal of pride in understanding what your goals are before recommending a solution that is tailored to achieve your goal. Please contact a Montell Construction representative to answer any questions you may have or to schedule a Free- No Obligation Estimate. 616-805-4968. Thank you and stay tuned for more information.

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