Composite VS. Wood Decking

Composite VS. Wood Decking

Decks in Michigan go through many weather changes and because of these changes decks take  a lot of punishment.  The drastic changes in the summer weather going from cold at night to hot in the daytime with the sun beating on a deck causes expansion and contraction. This causes decks to warp and curl, which takes away from the beauty of the deck.  The rain and snow we get here in Michigan also is very hard on a deck. The moisture even soaks into treated wood decks and causes softening of the lumber which leads to splinters and cracks.
There are a few choices of different building materials when looking to build a deck. In this article you will find some information to help you with deciding between a wood deck and a composite deck .

Wood Decking

Wood decks
can be made of with either treated lumber or natural cedar. This choice depends on what look you would like for your deck. Below are some of the differences between treated wood and cedar.

  • Cedar is a very stable wood that does not shrink or warp and will look nicer longer than treated lumber.
  • Treated Lumber has many chemicals added to it to slow decay.
  • Both need to be finished and protected from weather with a sealer. Usually needing to be applied every year.
  • Both are beautiful when built and used right.
  • With any wood deck you have to watch for splintering, because there is nothing worse then relaxing on your deck and getting stuck in the foot by a piece of your deck.
  • To clean a wood deck usually takes a power washer to get the dirt and mold off the wood.
  • Wood decks can be refinished to look next to new, which you can not do with composite.

Composite Decking

Composite decking has come a very long way since it first came out.  Composite decking is not only high performance but also a green way to build a deck. Composite decks are not only a deck but are also an outdoor living room when built right. Below are some facts on composite decking.

  • Composite decking is made of a blend of woods and recycled plastic, vinyl, or acrylic materials.
  • With composite decking you do not get the splinters that you get from a wood deck.
  • To clean a composite deck it takes only a mild soap and a brush.
  • There are many different options with composite decking including rails and patterns to put in the deck as accents.
  • No staining or sealing. Low maintenance.
  • Hidden fasteners make it so that there are no screws showing, keeping your feet safe from cuts.

Wood and composite both make a fantastic looking deck and there is good and bad with both. No matter if you chose wood or composite the main thing is to get a good  builder with an engineer at hand to make sure that your deck turns out beautiful and more important safe.

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