How to Lower Energy Bills With New Windows

How to Lower Those High Energy Bills With New Windows

Anyone in the greater Grand Rapids area knows how the weather can change fast and with weather changing as much as it does in Michigan the energy bills change fast also.  No need to fret opening those energy bills when you have the proper energy efficient windows. Not only do they look great but new windows are one of the best investments you can put in a house. But most people don’t know what makes a great window. To help with that question you will find some things to look for below.

Choosing Glass

When you buy a window most of the window is glass and to save on energy bills the glass has to be well insulated and to be able to keep heat out in the summer and to hold heat in during the winter.

The key to choosing the right glass package for your home is to find the combination of performance values to suit your needs.

The more panes of glass and the more dead air space in-between the glass the better insulation. This is because the dead air space between panes is the best insulator you can find.

Some options for filling that dead air space to make the windows even more energy efficient are Argon and Krypton.

Another option which will help with energy efficiency is Low-E Glass, which works by reflecting or absorbing Inferred light (heat energy). This feature will help in the summer by blocking unwanted heat from entering and running up the air conditioning bill and absorbing the heat from the sun in the winter to help heat the house. Another advantage of Low-E glass is that it saves the carpet and furniture from fading by blocking the infrared light that causes the fading.

The number one thing to remember when picking the glass for your new windows is that you get what you pay for and by going cheaper you will incur  higher energy bills and end up paying for the better windows, in the long run, without getting them.

Protect Against Air Infiltration

Making sure that the window has a good seal is the best way to save energy after picking the right glass. If your window has a gap in the sash, sill or head it means that air from outside can infiltrate the home and raise your energy bills fast. The smallest leaks can cause a rise in energy bills that most people would not expect. Imagine a window with a ¼ inch gap. It doesn’t sound too bad even though air is getting in the house, but now take a house that has 15 windows in it with that same gap. That’s like cutting a brick size hole in your wall! If there was a brick size hole in your wall it would be fixed immediately. Some of the features to look for in the sash, sill, and head are listed below.

Look for windows with a bulb seal. This is the same type seal that is on your refrigerator door. This will ensure that all the moving parts are sealed tight when the window is closed.

Make sure the sill has an outward slope to it. This will insure that water will not gather on the sill and will wash away from the window, helping prevent damage to the window.

Interlocking meeting rails are another great feature to look for. Interlocking rails ensure that the wind will not be able to breeze thru the window. This is because wind cannot make 90 degree turns.

Choosing a Window Spacer

The spacer in a window is what separates the panes of glass from each other and ensures the area for dead air to be trapped inside of the panes. There are a few types of spacers which all have advantages. Below are a few things to take in mind when picking a spacer for a new window.

Metal spacers are good because they are cheap. One disadvantage is that metal is a great conductor and will transfer the temperature of the glass on the outside to the glass on the inside. Defeating the purpose of more than one pane of glass.

Non-metal spacers such as foam are great because they are bad conductors, so the temperature from the outside glass doesn’t transfer to the glass on the inside.

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