Winter Windows Checklist

Preparing Your Home For Winter: Window & Door System

Window Inspection: First – start out by taking a piece of graph paper and write in the left hand column at the top “Window Location” – “Frame” – “Glass” – “Lock” – “Function”. Second – grab a flashlight for inspection and put on your Sherlock Holmes hat! Third – with Doors you want to follow these steps *with the door open: inspect the weather strip going all the way around door frame, header (top) and footer (bottom) *with the door closed: instruct someone to be on the opposing side and hold the flashlight up to door along the edge. Move in a clockwise motion around the door asking the other person if they can see ANY signs of light. If you see light, you may want to consider new weather stripping or consider an estimate to see what options are available. Four – move locations in a clockwise motion to the next window. You want to note the room in which the window you are locating¬† under the “Window Location”. Next, take your flashlight and inspect the entire frame for any cracks, chips, broken parts, moisture or debris. Note the condition under the “Frame” area. GOOD, AVERAGE, BAD. Now move to the glass, look at all the corners of the glass for any seal cracks, condensation, mold and check the temperature by placing your hand on the glass. The glass should be approximately the same temperature as that of the inside of the house. Note the condition under the “Glass” area. Next you should examine your “Lock”. Simple check to make sure you are able to lock/unlock your window quickly and easily. Note the condition under the “Lock” area. Last, “Function”. Open and close the window, tilt it in (if feature available), shake the frame to verify the stability, once opened – remove your hand to see if it stays open. Note the condition under the “Function” area.

Some of these areas are not only important for Energy purposes, but also security and fire protection. Montell Construction proudly offers Free Estimates on all Windows and Doors to assist you with your next project. Visit our Windows page for additional information or check us out on Facebook to see our before and after photos. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, 616-805-4966! Thanks, Chad McNew

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