Sorting through Replacement Windows

It is no secret in today’s competitive market that you have thousands of Window Replacement options. There are different colors, styles, lock options, grid options, frame options, etc. In this article we will go over some basic information that should assist you in your purchasing decision.

People tend to think that replacing windows is only about function – meaning the ability to open/close. It is not ONLY function! Replacing your windows could help with your heating & cooling cost, security, keeping out harmful UV Rays and increasing your properties value. However, understanding the features are very tough and below are some key features that will assist you.

Low E (some manufacturers call it different names such as SunMax, etc):

This is a clear coating applied to one side of the glass. This coating reflects heat from its source in the Summer and retains heat inside in the Winter while also reducing harmful UV Rays that tend to fade carpet, furniture and even wood trimming.

  • Argon Gas:

Argon Gas is a non harmful gas that is injected between each pane of glass. This gas acts a layer of insulation cutting down the loss of the homes indoor temperature.

Additional Features Worthy Of Note

  • Fusion Welded Frames:

Fusion Welded Frames offer superior strength vs your standard seals. A Fusion Weld in summary means that the Weld is actually stronger than the frame itself.

  • Security Locks:

Interior Security Locks allow you to open the window 4-6 inches before hitting a lock set. This allows you to ventilate your house without sacrificing your security.

  • Tilt In:

Most Replacement Windows now have an “Easy Clean” feature which allows you to tilt in the Window Sash to clean the outside of the window from the comfort of being inside your house.

  • Additional Colors:

Replacement Windows now offer additional colors including: Woodgrain, Fiberglass which is paintable and stainable and various exterior colors.

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