Grand Rapids Roofing | Tear-off Vs Layover

When looking into the possibilities of a new Grand Rapids Roof, one of the more frequently asked questions is “what is the difference between a Tear-off vs Layover”. The answer to that can sometimes be difficult and below you will find a few answers that should assist you with that decision.

How do you know if completing a Grand Rapids Layover is o.k.?

You will first want to take the following into consideration when looking at a Grand Rapids Roofing Layover:

  • Do you have an active leak or have previously had any leaks in your roof? If you have, then there is a possibility that you have rotten wood below the shingles that should be addressed. The only way to correct any water issue is to remove the existing shingles (Tear-off) and inspect the wood decking. Water can cause future problems if not handled correctly and shouldn’t be overlooked.
  • How many layer do you currently have on the Grand Rapids Roof? Most cities (including Grand Rapids) do not allow more than two layers of Roofing Shingles on the house. Note: Identifying how many Roofing Shingle layers can be a little tricky because of the edging and is advised to have a professional inspect it for you. In most cases, if you install a third layer – you will be out of code. If you currently have a single layer, then you may be able to complete a layover.
  • What is the current condition of the Grand Rapids Roofing Shingles? It is important when considering completing a Layover that you look at the current condition of your shingles. If your shingles are curling up, breaking down, falling off or have severe damage – you may not want to do a tear-off. The reason being is simply because the new shingles may be impacted by the damaged shingles underneath them and could impact the performance of your new Grand Rapids Roofing Shingles. If your existing roofing shingles appear to be in o.k. shape – then you may want to consider a Layover
  • What are the benefits in completing a layover? The number one reason people tend to complete a Layover is due to cost. It is substantially less expensive to complete a layover because it can be installed faster and with less material – therefore less expensive
  • What is the downside to completing a layover? When looking into a layover, you should know that your new shingles will not have the same “Life Cycle” as that of full Grand Rapids Roofing Tear-off. When installing a layover, your roof may actually only last half as long as when completing a tear-off.

What are the benefits of completing a Grand Rapids Roofing Tear-off?

  • When completing a tear-off you are actually removing all of the shingles and in most cases the vents, underlayments, drip edge, replacing any bad wood, etc. and starting with new materials vs covering up old ones or unforeseen issues.
  • If your roof is over 10 years old, roofing technology has evolved and provide many more options than previously offered – such as Ridge-vents, Synthetic Underlayments, etc.
  • Completing a tear-off will provide a longer lasting Grand Rapids Roofing System and offers you more peace of mind.

As the Leading Grand Rapids Roofing Contractor, Montell Construction takes a great deal of pride in understanding what your goals are before recommending a solution that is tailored to achieve on goal… yours! Please contact a Montell Construction Representative to answer any questions you may have or to schedule a Free – No Obligation Estimate. 616-914-2625. Thank you and stay tuned for more information!

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